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Wingless flight

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Welcome to the 21st Century…

The Aptera 2 Series, a three-wheeled two-seater, is currently under development.  There are two models:  2e (all-electric) and 2h (hybrid). The 2h configuration is estimated to have a fuel efficiency of 300 mpg, if plugged in every 120 miles.  This would make this space-age car one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the world.  Some features include:  optional roof-mounted solar panels for running a heat pump, always-on climate control, keyless ignition and entry, and an in-car touch screen computer which serves as an entertainment, navigation, and communication system.

On the flip side, according to Consumer Reports, the Aptera 2e needed more than 40 tries before passing the accident avoidance test on 4/29/10.  The test requires the vehicles to drive at a minimum speed of 45 miles per hour and change lanes “to the left and then back to the right without using throttle or braking to control the vehicle,” as Consumer Reports writes.  This may be a hurdle for the Aptera 2 to overcome, but let’s hope for the best.  Currently, this cool electric/hybrid tricycle is only accepting pre-orders from California residents.

Duke & Winston. Support local.

Monday, July 12th, 2010

My friends and I went to Northern Liberties yesterday to eat and watch the World Cup.  What an awesome day.  The game was on the big screen outside in the courtyard of the Piazza, the weather was perfect, there was a delightful festival going on with local vendors selling their creations…

One in particular, Duke & Winston, a local designer/clothier, caught my attention (probably because owner/creator Seun yelled my name), but nevertheless I was stoked to find them there.  He had the t-shirt I had been scoping out online!  And now I have it. Check it out…

Keep Calm & Carry On ~ Duke & Winston

Seun has an inspiring story of how he got started.  Check out his blog and support local!  Helping each other grow organically.