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Solar Farming

Solar Farms are intended to sell electricity back to utility companies at wholesale price. They also make money from the SRECs generated. Solar farms have the potential to generate 25-30% return on initial investment over 10 years. The return can be far more profitable over time than CDs, stocks and crop farming. Learn more


A solar power system on your building is a long term, low risk, and high return way to invest your money. Solar offers an initial annual return on investment of 5-11%. This is very competitive with other higher risk investments such as stocks and bonds. As utility rates increase the annual return increases. Learn more


Residential solar is a great way to lower or eliminate your electric bill and protect yourself against rising electric costs in the future. A growing number of states offer solar power incentives, usually in the form of solar rebates. The amount of the solar rebate varies state to state, but in most cases it will cover a significant portion of your solar system installation cost. In addition, the US government currently offers residential solar system owners a one-time 30% federal tax credit. Learn more