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Rager Consulting is a full-service solar integrator that can provide
a profitable turn-key solar farm operation from start to finish.

Benefits of Solar Farming

New Jersey solar farms are intended to sell electricity back to utility companies at wholesale price. They also make money from the SRECs generated. New Jersey solar farms have the potential to generate 25-30% return on initial investment over 10 years. The return can be far more profitable over time than CDs, stocks and crop farming.

What distinguishes RAGER from other solar integrators?

Financing is the most difficult piece of the puzzle to fill. Rager fills that gap. Rager has developed financing programs tailored to work strictly with renewable energy projects. In certain instances, the borrower does not pay back in cash.

Rager's program takes the risk away from the borrower and gives them a chance to benefit from the solar project. This is a safe way to reap the rewards of clean energy and removes any responsibility to the borrower including: making timely loan payments, keeping track of SREC generation, and management of solar system.

How it works

  • A feasibility study is conducted to determine if property is suitable.
  • Rager identifies all rebates and incentives, obtains and completes all paperwork and files all necessary applications.
  • We handle all interaction with local permit offices, follow-up, and final site inspections.
  • We handle all interconnection administration, initiate necessary agreements with the local utility company and schedule all required site inspections.
  • We'll manage all inspections and you don't have to be there, if you don't want.
  • Rager works alongside investors in order to pay off the solar system with the SRECs generated from solar power.

Benefits of working with Rager

We'll provide the paperwork you'll need to provide to your tax advisor so you can take advantage of all available corporate tax under the impact of depreciation, credits, grants, and deductions.

We manage the SRECs and help you maximize ROI. From cash purchases to custom financing solutions, Rager Energy will work with you to create a business model that makes financial sense.

Benefits of an IMW Solar System

  • 1MW solar system absorbs 35,000 tons of Carbon dioxide over it's 30-year lifespan
  • 1MW of solar energy is equivalent to removing 6,400 cars from the road
  • 1MW of solar power is comparable to approximately 897,000 new trees planted or saved because it takes that many trees to absorb that much (35,000 tons) CO2 produced by fossil fuels.
1. Profit Sharing Corporation
2. Land Lease
3. Purchase Outright
6-24 months:
  • 2-3 months for permits
  • 2-3 months for feasability study
  • 2-18 months for installation
Payback 4-7 years
depending on variables.